Nick Boults – Final Sunset

Nick Boults – Final Sunset


RELEASE DATE 2016-10-03
LABEL sunsetmelodies


DESCRIPTION We welcome back one of our greatest treasures yet as sunsetmelodies presents SUNMELT VOL. 6 – filled with the most beautiful soundscapes and heavenly atmospheres you can imagine.

With an illustrious and captivating 10 tracks, we aim to showcase the beauty and effortlessness of the progressive sound. A collection that will have you chasing the sunrise and falling for the sunset, we hope this can serve as an inspiration to admire all that positively radiates around you.

Let the airy tones captivate you with the likes of Lumidelic, Minicied, Paul M., feel the sun lightly touch your skin with Vince Forwards, Zoru, Nick Boults and finally, envision the Summer nights with Yasuha., Yuri K, Ovel Rute and Keith Harris and Watt.

We are so proud of these tunes and we can’t wait to share in this magic with you.