Nick Boults – Caustic Rays

Nick Boults – Caustic Rays


ARTISTS Matt Ether, Blissful Waves, Firas Tarhini, Nick Boults, Tim Iron, Artemil, Takaki Matsuda, jay flora, Achintya, Linemoon, Desaicrator, Aria Deep, Rick Siron
RELEASE DATE 2015-06-08
LABELS Progressive House Worldwide

DESCRIPTION We are truly excited to bring back our ever returning compilation series PHW and Friends and our 7th edition of our journey here on Progressive House Worldwide.

PHW and Friends has always been about showing new blood on the scene, in a great blend with more known names in the business and we do feel we have gotten the opportunity to showcase a superb load of new artists growing quickly in our genre.

You will get a collection of 12 different originals, all well selected to give a great tweak on this release, and also to put a great variety to give you as a listener as many options as possible to find what you are looking for at the moment. Let’s jump on another PHW and Friends journey.

Opening up this episode is a brand new Poland based duo working their music through their Blissful Waves alias. We feel truly great showing this new act as they are a duo that we expect to see a lot more of in the future. Here they bring on their lovely melodic piece called “Zephyrus”. With great textures and a fantastic atmosphere created, they surely takes on some attention we believe as this is as good as it gets, it’s just phenomenal.

Moving ahead, we see another brand new act taking their shine in the hotspot as the Romanian act and duo Aria Deep comes with us for their first ever release in our genre and what an opening this from them. “Transalpina” as their lovely melodic production is called is a heartwarming and crisp sounding production that oozes energy and sunny beach days all over. It’s definitely one for the summer parties that we hope you will hold a few during that nice European season coming up.
Next up is yet another duo doing the work as we see some true talent team up as Jay Flora and Achintya bring their tally to the test with another sweet and melodic production coming through their DAW’s. With fine layers of melodic arrangements and throbbing kick drums, this is sure to be a hit we believe as we all know about their true talent.

For our next contender on our PHW and Friends we have the pleasure to bring back one of our long time friends on the label, as we see the Japanese talent of Takaki Matsuda joining forces with us once again, as his brand new original “Sakura” takes a spot as our 4th production on this compilation. We are always happy to see him come back to us, this time with another summer-ish production full of sparkling chords and melodic hooks. It’s as good as ever from him and we are of course truly happy to see him back with this winner.

Another producer and very good friend of PHW, Desaicrator also takes the chance to be involved on our release. Here you will get a well driven production, filled with harmonies, grooves and that upbeat feel that we so often see from this US producer. If you seek for summer vibes and energy, then we feel you are spot on right here.

With a more “down to earth” take we see the great talent of Linemoon joining forces with us and makes his debut on PHW. This is a little diamond as a producer, as we see him making different directions of progressive music on his productions and here is one with a slightly deep feel than the previous ones so far on this compilation.

Our mate from Russia, Artmil makes another production for us as he delivers amore deep house inspired production for this package. It’s a great feel to see him finally getting back on the label, as he’s been away from music for well over a year before hitting the charts together with us a few weeks back with the melodic monster called “Time”. This one, baptized simply as 122 BPM is a wonderful musical journey, built on deep textures and grooves. It has a great feel and flow as we so often see from this up and coming artist. We are so pleased that he wants to do his music together with us of course.

Our next stop is a more upbeat production, coming from a producer having great success lately on labels such as Perplexity and Nueva. We of course talk about the great alias of Tim Iron, a producer we already know about, and that we also know will skyrocket on the charts with his superb music. This is another great one called “Drab Existence”.

As our 9th original on this installment we see another brilliant producer making his debut on PHW. We feel pleased to bring on the heavy artillery created by the rising talent of Nick Boults, a producer we seen in the past on the scene that now decided to join forces with us on PHW as well. This is a truly fresh upbeat progressive production, full of sparkling life with this stunning melodic piece of musical art coming to you. It has the “sun is shining feelings”, it’s warm and emotional and so uplifting. We absolutely love it!

Going to double figures on the release, that we do through another debuting producer as we see a familiar face on the scene taking his spot as the talented Rick Siron and his “Delight” takes us on a melodic progressive journey. With warm and emotional melodies, a great groove and an uplifting approach on the release, we couldn’t be happier than what we are to bring this relaxing production to the label.

As our 11th track we are pleased to bring back the talented Aussie producer and Melbourne based Firas Tarhini. He is a producer that we have seen a lot of in the past on some fresh labels, and of course played a part on our release schedule as well. Firas, a producer known for his great touch on building melodic hooks comes with a superb production here that is built on emotional piano play and driving elements that definitely brings a summer-ish feel, we are so pleased to finally bring him back to PHW with this gorgeous production.

Closing our package this time is none other than returning artist Matt Ether. With another great production under his belt, this one called “I.S.A” he confirms his great ability for building driving progressive music influenced by trance elements. It’s a lovely closing track for us, packed with energy and flare that we of course feel sum everything up on this release.

We hope you like this collection of fine artists taking their well deserve spot on PHW and Friends 007!